If you are a pregnant mama who wants to breastfeed but you don’t know how to avoid all the pain and frustration you have heard comes along with breastfeeding, you need to focus on setting yourself up for success by planning now!!

Plan for Success!


If you are a breastfeeding mama who is preparing to return to work, you are probably feeling really overwhelmed, scared and sad about leaving your baby and pumping at work. You have heard that a lot of moms lose their milk when they return to work and need to supplement with formula. You would like to do your best to avoid needing to use formula in baby’s first year of life. Above all, you want to be able to continue to breastfeed your baby before and after work and on weekends!

Pump Plenty at Work


If you are an experienced mama who has been breastfeeding for 4 months or longer and you are beginning to feel frustrated or conflicted about your nursing relationship, or you are curious about weaning, you need to focus on learning clear, gentle and effective techniques to make positive changes in your nursing relationship.

Make Positive Changes

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