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Family-centered newborn feeding support that empowers parents

At Balanced Breastfeeding, we have 3 rules

Take a slow breath in and know: this is a marathon, not a sprint. Together, we will slow down and create a simple, doable plan to achieve your breastfeeding goals and place the well-being of your family at the center of your precious postpartum experience.

Lactation Support

Prenatal consultations

At this hour-long private appointment, Katie will identify if you have one or more breastfeeding risk factors, and create a breastfeeding care plan with support materials specific to your individual and family needs. Our first breastfeeding goal: 2 weeks!


Lactation consultations

In this 60-90 minute visit, we will complete a feeding cycle together no matter how you are feeding your baby: directly nursing, bottle feeding, and/or pumping. You’ll leave feeling empowered with a safe and realistic plan to follow. We encourage a breastfeeding support partner to attend if you desire!


Certain insurances accepted

Meet Katie

Portrait of lactation consultant Kaite Madden sitting on pink couch

I’m katie madden

I’ve been working with new families for 18 years in Hospital, Birth Center, and Home settings.

I help the families I work with understand that there is no one right way to breastfeed, nor does it need to be done perfectly.

I approach breastfeeding with the humor, tough love, and compassion that you would get from a close friend (you know, the one who calls you out when you aren’t being your best self).

Prenatal Workshop

How to feed your newborn

Breastfeed | Bottle Feed | Pump

A really important question that all pregnant families need to consider: How are you planning to feed your newborn baby?

This class is a realistic approach to breastfeeding (including pumping & bottle feeding) for expectant parents.

Plan to take this class right as your enter your third trimester – around 28 weeks pregnant. Don’t leave it until 32 weeks or later if you can avoid it. You need to know what to do if baby shows up early!

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