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  • Pumping for an Occasional Bottle

    Have you ever wondered, “If I am breastfeeding all the time, how am I supposed to ever be able to pump milk for a bottle?” Here’s how: After breastfeeding your baby, pump both breasts. Try to do this around the […]

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  • Lip Tie

    While the evidence for decision-making around tongue tie and breastfeeding is limited and controversial, the evidence around lip tie simply isn’t there. That does not mean that the labial frenulum doesn’t need to be evaluated. In fact, assessment of the […]

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  • HALT- Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

    Having a moment? As the mother of a young baby or child, you may find those moments of frustration hitting you with greater frequency or greater intensity than ever before. Before you freak out, HALT and check in with yourself. […]

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