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  • Pumping for an Occasional Bottle

    Have you ever wondered, “If I am breastfeeding all the time, how am I supposed to ever be able to pump milk for a bottle?” Here’s how: After breastfeeding your baby, pump both breasts. Try to do this around the […]

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  • Reconnect at the Big Latch On 2017

    (Photo credits: Angie Gray) For the fifth year running, Balanced Breastfeeding will be hosting The Global Big Latch On in Delaware. The Global Big Latch On is an international event to kick off World Breastfeeding Week and raise awareness about […]

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  • Daycare and You: Working Together to Maintain Milk

    Photo credit for featured image: Angie Gray Many new mothers worry if they will be able to keep up with their baby’s demand after returning to work: Will pumping be as effective as nursing? Will my baby need more milk […]

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