A Different Kind of Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

As you may have guessed, this isn’t going to be your typical “Breastfeeding Basics” webinar.  In fact, this one may even ruffle some feathers. (Sounds fun, right?!)

I am going to lay down the 3 essential foundational rocks of breastfeeding success.  Without them, well, breastfeeding plain sucks for a lot of women. MOST of them don’t make it to 6 months. 

First, I am going to ask pregnant mamas to get really clear about WHY they have chosen to breastfeed.  

A woman and her partner need to be dedicated to the reason why they made this important decision in the first place, what it means to their family. “My OB told me to” or “its the healthiest thing for the baby” just isn’t going to cut it when the going gets tough at 2am.

Then I am going to ask the question of pregnant women what nobody seems to be bothering to ask:

“Is breastfeeding really right for you?” 

Frankly, it strikes me odd that with so much emphasis on freedom of choice, women are being told to breastfeed.  Rather, I believe women need to be given all the information on what it really takes to succeed at breastfeeding. For example, it requires sitting still for 16+ hours a day.  I want to make sure all the busy bodies out there know to be prepared to sit still (it is hard for a lot of “doers” out there). Another example is that the perfectionist needs to know that she will not do this perfectly. And that is OK! The mom with a history of anxiety needs to be ready for it to rear its ugly head in those early months.  The mom with a history of infertility may find it particularly devastating if she doesn’t make enough milk.

I am not saying this to discourage any woman from breastfeeding of course, but rather to let her know what she can do this despite challenges, fears and personality traits that may trip her up. IF she is aware and well-prepared she will be much more empowered to overcome any obstacle.

Second, we are going to get clear about how to set a realistic breastfeeding goal.

Let me give you a hint here, it ISN’T “exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months.”  Guys, I have had it with this exclusivity movement stomping around claiming that formula and pacifiers are ruining breastfeeding.  I am done with this ivory tower of breastfeeding perfectionism saying that if it isn’t JUST BREASTMILK it isn’t breastfeeding.  Bleh!!

It is dangerous and possibly unethical to allow a mother to head blindly into a breastfeeding ideal without informing her of the potential tools she may need to use along the way including bottles, pacifiers, formula, antibiotics or  lactation consultants.

So, in the second part of this webinar, I am going to help pregnant couples set a realistic, achievable and safe breastfeeding goal.

Third, I am going to tell pregnant woman the three most critical rules she MUST know before her baby is born.

Once she understands these rules, no matter WHAT obstacles come her way, she will know EXACTLY what to do.

Do you know what the three rules are? If you have worked with me, I bet you do!