Baby Therapy Group

Your baby needs to practice some really important things with their mouth and body so that they can do other really important things down the road. Things like eating, crawling, walking, and talking (no biggie).

This therapy group is helpful for all babies, but is particularly important for any babies that have:

  •     Tongue and/or lip tie (released or not)
  •     Oral motor dysfunction (tight, clampy, weak, disorganized)
  •     Asymmetry of the head, face or body
  •     A distaste for tummy time
  •     A preference for one side over another (head tip)

Each week, you will attend a 45 minute small group (5-7) therapy session at The BB Clubhouse at Independence Mall. Most of the moms there will be your seasonal peeps.

At therapy group, we talk about all things tongue tie life. The feelings-  I know you feel SO bad. Poor baby. But we are doing this FOR them, not TO them.

Together we will perform lifts/active wound management (lets make sure you are doing them right).

Together we will do the sucking exercises— which specific functional movements is your baby working on? Let’s add and take away exercises for the week.

Tummy Time. Babies hate it— especially kids who were tied. We will lay on the floor with our babies and engage them (and ourselves) in tummy time.

Together, we can give your baby the therapy they need to thrive!

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