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Balanced Breastfeeding Gets a Home

On January 1,  2020 Katie Madden RN, IBCLC is opening

The Balanced Breastfeeding Clinic & Clubhouse

at Independence Mall in Wilmington, DE. Suite # 56, right above Takumi.

I am building a space for you to heal, learn, connect, and grow through each stage of your breastfeeding journey…and beyond.

The Clubhouse will be a comfy, cozy, safe space where any Mama who has ever had the goal to breastfeed can come. 

This is the clear message that I want the whole tristate area to hear:

Join Balanced Breastfeeding in pregnancy. 

Help me spread the message. 

I will offer a concierge experience for each pregnant woman, crafting a plan of care based upon her:

  • Breastfeeding risk factors
  • Previous breastfeeding history
  • Back to work timeline
  • Support system
  • Mental health status
  • Physical health status

At The BB Clinic & Clubhouse I will offer the following services:

During Pregnancy

  • Education
  • Consulting (virtual or in-person options!)
  • Game planning 

During Breastfeeding

  • Small support group experiences with 10-12 mom/babies
  • Very small therapy group experiences with 5-7 mom/babies
  • Small workshops of 10 moms/babies with 15 moms without babies
  • One-on-one Consultations

The Clubhouse has limited space, so groups will be capped and prior registration will be required. If you think you want to attend any of the upcoming events, I suggest you register earlier rather than later. 

I have very intentionally chosen to make BB experiences smaller. The deep healing and growth required of us in early motherhood requires small, safe circles of women.

In January & February I will be offering some of the BB services. By March, I will be offering all of the BB services. 

Here’s what’s coming in for YOU in…

January & February

Support Groups

Special Topics Groups



Here’s how you can help:

We are calling all pregnant Mamas due in the Spring and Summer to attend:

How to Feed Your Newborn Baby

Breastfeed. Pump. Bottle feed.


schedule a One-on-One virtual or in-person Prenatal Consultation with Katie Madden.

Here’s what is coming in March…

Postpartum Consultations: One-on-One, in-person

Spring Mamas 2020

The first BB Seasonal Birth Cohort.  (More to come on that!)

Therapy Groups

  • Group Feeds (Katie)
  • Tongue Tie Therapy Group (Katie + other baby rehab specialists: CSFT, SLP, PT)
  • Mood Group (Katie + licensed mental health professional)

More special topic groups

** I am looking for Mamas to help me run these groups! Contact me if you are interested!**

  • NICU
  • Infert
  • LGBTQ Parents
  • Single Mamas
  • Exclusive Pumpers

I hope you will come join me for an Open House as soon as I am ready!

Make sure you are on my email list to stay up to date on my progress setting up and opening The Balanced Breastfeeding Clinic & Clubhouse!

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