Balanced Breastfeeding is changing the way women learn to breastfeed, how they experience breastfeeding, and the level of personal growth women achieve as they become mothers through the process of breastfeeding.

Join the team of

A LIVE three hour workshop with Katie Madden

Stay tuned for upcoming dates in 2016!

Earn the opportunity to work with Katie Madden in Balanced Breastfeeding on a volunteer and potentially paid basis.

Who is this workshop for:

  • Mothers highly interested in the success of other breastfeeding mothers.
  • Mothers who are deeply invested in the BB philosophy and yearn to help other mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals.
  • Mothers possibly interested in providing peer support via phone, email, or Facebook.
  • Professionals working with mothers who aren’t seeking certification or credentials from this program, but rather are looking to tap into their own personal breastfeeding experience to improve upon their counseling skills.
  • Mothers who had an easy time breastfeeding or who had a challenging time breastfeeding—all mothers with any breastfeeding experience are welcome.


At the workshop we will:

  1. Discuss and process your own personal breastfeeding story. Identify the hot spots in your story that may stand in your way of becoming an effective coach.
  2. Learn the fundamentals of how to identify breastfeeding problems, easy things you can do to help moms fix these problems, and when exactly you should be referring to Katie.
  3. Discover Katie’s magic of counseling mamas to wholeness. How exactly does she manage to make any mom in any circumstance feel loved, safe, and motivated to keep moving forward?


Babies in arms welcome, please leave mobile babies at home. There will be space and opportunity for pumping.