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Breastfeeding Limbo: Love It or List It?

Have you ever seen the show Love it or List it? It is one of those home improvement shows were a couple with an exorbitantly high budget belabors over a residential crossroads of whether to stay in their current house or move to a new house.

In every episode there are three hallmark elements:

  1. One partner wants to stay in the current house and the other wants to move. Typically, each partner is pretty dead set in his or her position. The one who wants to “love it” can always see potential in the current home. The one who wants to “list it” feels the current home is unsalvageable and would rather scrap it and start fresh.
  2. Neither option, loving it nor listing it, is a perfect option for anyone. There are compromises for both partners. Be it the location or the square footage, it is never an easy choice.
  3. They always seem perfectly happy at the end, which I never believe. They do, however, seem relieved to have made the decision once and for all.

I will now draw parallels between the show and breastfeeding in a blog I like to call: Breastfeeding: Love it or List it.

“Love it”

To accept “what is,” as is, or to make improvements in order to make “what is” the best it can be.

Can you love breastfeeding just as it is, or have you done everything possible to make your current breastfeeding scenario as best as it can be? Namely, have you met with a kick ass Lactation Consultant?

Then Love it. Stop wondering if you should keep breastfeeding or quit. Choose to keep breastfeeding and choose to love it.

Maybe some would call it settling, some would call it “coming to terms with reality.”

But, you get what you get and you don’t get upset (so said my daughter’s Montessori preschool teachers).


“List it”

Scrap it and start fresh. Don’t look back. Make a decision, stand in your power and move forward with confidence.

You can stop. You can stop breastfeeding and commit to your decision. But, I forewarn you, listing breastfeeding and heading over to formula isn’t an option without compromise. Don’t think that formula will magically “fix” all of your problems, especially if those problems are baby not sleeping or baby fussiness.

The best thing you can do is make a decision. Living in limbo is one of the hardest places to be in life. Just like those couples at the end of the show… even if one or both of them made compromises to come to the decision to love it or list it, they are happy to have made the decision. They are happy they can now move forward with living and loving life to its fullest.