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Confessions of a Baby Hog

It wasn’t my fault. I was born a baby-hog.

I have loved other people’s babies for as long as I can remember. The youngest child and the youngest cousin by far on my mom’s side of the family, I looked for every opportunity I could get to snuggle babies. I rarely got to see my New York cousins, but when I did, I was white on rice. I’m not sure if I was annoying or not to the moms. Perhaps even then I was helpful, since I was keeping the baby entertained for a few moments. Maybe she ate something while I did that.

I remember the moment in this picture. I was 4 ½ years old.

When Lynn Anne and Michael brought baby Matthew to visit, I ran out to meet them in their car. I remember adorable, fat Matthew in his flimsy plastic car seat. It was probably top of the line at the time. I remember being told to sit down so I could hold the baby. I remember loooooving him. He was so squishy and fat and cute!!!

And from that moment on, I loved babies. Pretty much every week, I asked to skip the church service to volunteer in the nursery. People would just leave babies lying around there. I remember babies, like, all over the floor. It was heaven.

Then my nieces and nephews started coming. You’d always find me with a baby in my arms, rocking them to sleep.

Then came all the work babies. Hundreds of them.

So here I am. Living the life of my dreams: the life of a professional baby holder.

But that isn’t really why my life is the life of my dreams. It is this way because of the mamas. Seriously. These women are the most badass bitches I have ever met. Smart women with passion for the life they lead, whatever that may look like. Intent on nourishing their children in the best way they possibly can. Brave enough to be vulnerable with me as they break down into pieces, trusting enough to let me help them build themselves back up into stronger versions of themselves.

I wasn’t always the greatest friend in high school. Frankly, I wasn’t the greatest person until nursing school, really. So, it is actually surprising to me that I have so many friends in these mamas. I am a good friend to these mamas and they are good friends to me.

I’ve loved the babies. I’ve always loved the babies.

But, I gotta admit…

I’ve always loved their mamas more.

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