with Katie Madden RN, IBCLC

Prenatal Consultation

Prenatal Consultation

At this hour-long private virtual  appointment, Katie will walk you through a physical and emotional assessment, identify if you have one or more breastfeeding risk factors, and create a postnatal care plan specific to your individual and family needs.


  • Breastfeeding Risk Assessment
  • 50 minute Telehealth consultation on HIPAA compliant platform
  • Personalized Breastfeeding Game Plan
  • Access to Newborn Mamas: Start Strong (day by day guidance for the first 14 days)
  • Invitation to join your Seasonal Birth Cohort!

Appointment Pricing


Postpartum Consultation

Postpartum Consultation

Katie is happy to offer both virtual and in person lactation consultations, depending on your unique needs and circumstances. Postpartum visits include a complete breastfeeding assessment. You will receive a written plan and access to follow up online learning materials to support you. Katie offers text support to existing clients if communication is needed between appointments. One support person is welcome and encouraged to join mom at the appointment. Please read about the special accommodations at The Balanced Breastfeeding Clubhouse to protect our new families during the Corona Virus. Also take the time to review pricing information below.



Appointment Pricing

First Postpartum Appointment with Full Feeding Evaluation

  • $150 for Established Clients (Had a Prenatal Visit)
  • $250 for New Clients (No Prenatal Visit)
  • We also welcome all clients with a first postpartum appointment to TWO FREE breastfeeding support groups.

Follow-Up Postpartum Appointments

  • $150

Consultation with Discussion Only (This visit is to discuss an issue, transition, or need related to breastfeeding a baby six months or older. This visit does not include a feeding evaluation.)

  • $100

Questions? Email or call/text 302-501-5224

Breastfeeding Support Packages

Sign up as a Balanced Breastfeeding Mama during pregnancy for direct access to Katie Madden for the first month postpartum including text support, priority access to scheduling appointments, and support groups.

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We do not accept insurance.  Individual services are HSA eligible.