Effective March 12, 2020:

All group programming has been moved to an online platform to stop non essential traffic into the physical Clubhouse Space.

I will continue to invite mothers and babies into The Clubhouse one-on-one for private consultations only if I need to physically assess mother or baby, physically assist in latching, or weigh the baby. Otherwise, consults will be completed on our secure, HIPPA compliant virtual consultation platform.

If at any point I or anyone in my family shows early signs of illness, I will not see mothers or babies in person.

Very often, a new breastfeeding mother needs the hands-on support of a skilled IBCLC such as myself. During a time when families as being strongly advised to quarantine themselves, I am deeply committed to maintaining a clean space with virtually no unknown foot traffic. I personally am disinfecting the space between clients.

Please know that I am committed to being a partner in your family’s postpartum experience and that includes maintaining a safe physical space for you to receive expert infant feeding support.