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Newborn Mamas

Birth – 4 months postpartum

Get step-by-step guidance through the most challenging days, weeks and months of breastfeeding: the beginning.

Too many breastfeeding programs tell you how breastfeeding should be without telling you exactly what to do if things aren’t that way.  This program is completely different. We know that every mom and every baby is unique and therefore will have a unique breastfeeding experience. Rather than laying an unspoken layer of shame upon mothers when breastfeeding doesn’t follow “the normal path,” we instead simply manage the issues.

In this program, you will be guided step by step through:

  • How to get a comfortable latch and what to do if you can’t get a comfortable latch (including how to manage nipple and breast pain)
  • How to know baby is getting enough and what to do if baby isn’t getting enough (including how to strategically supplement without ruining breastfeeding).
  • How to involve your partner, even when he/she can’t breastfeed for you (and how to teach him/her to give a bottle!)
  • What to do in the early months of breastfeeding to prepare for your return to work
  • How to know what kind of milk supply you have (too much, too little, or just right) and what your milk supply means for how you breastfeed.
  • Strategies to incorporate breastfeeding into your everyday life as you gain the confidence to leave the house, breastfeeding in public, and establish a new routine
  • Taking good care of yourself in the midst of one of the hardest and most rewarding journeys you will ever experience: breastfeeding.

What’s included

Comprehensive coursework

Start Strong

The Newborn Mama’s Guide Through the First Two Weeks of Breastfeeding

The first two weeks of your baby’s life will be the hardest two weeks of your life. They are often also the hardest weeks of breastfeeding.

I’m here to walk you through it, day by day. Each day, you will open a video from me reminding you of what you need to focus on for the next 24 hours, and what you don’t need to focus on. Feed by feed, step by step we will get through the first two weeks together.

We know that the first two weeks are the hardest, so that is why there is day by day support. This support will follow the path of “what’s normal” so that you know very quickly when what you are experiencing falls outside of the “normal” and know exactly how to react. This is where the comprehensive and easy to use database in this program is critical. Have a problem? We have the answer in the “Fix This” database.

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A One-of-a-Kind Course Companion

The Start Strong Workbook

This is a hard copy companion to hold in your hands. This work requires pen on paper. You’ll be taking notes every day, and toward the end of the second week we’ll also add in some journaling.

Workbook includes:

Printable guides to share with the breastfeeding team.

Record keeping forms to track baby’s weight loss and gain, mom’s vital signs, important numbers and support groups.

Daily breastfeeding journals to keep track of each feeding cycle. These journal don’t just focus on baby’s health and well-being, they also emphasize the importance of mom’s self care.

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“Fix This!”

The easy to use database of breastfeeding solutions

This is laser focused database of everything you need to know to trouble shoot through the most common issues.

These resources are “safe rabbit holes” for your to travel down as you are troubleshooting.  The Internet is a dangerous place when you are desperately seeking answers. You can rest assured the resources in the “Fix This!” database are all safe, realistic, and kind solutions.

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Map to local support

Get Connected In Real Life

Online support programs are great, but nothing can replace the critical component of real life connection.

This section is a companion for the Newborn Mama in search of a local community aligned with the values similar to Balanced Breastfeeding. Here she’ll find assistance in finding a trusted breastfeeding professional, assistance in finding a breastfeeding support group and local mom friends.

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Access to our private Facebook group community

“Balanced Breastfeeding Mamas”

Join our safe, moderated, non judgmental community of Moms just like you.  Together, we provide support, not advice to guide you along your mothering journey.

This is a very active community with years of posts. If you have a question for fellow moms, changes are it has been asked before and the answer is there! If it hasn’t been asked before, there are hundreds of supportive and kind mamas waiting to let you know what worked for them.

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If you are a first-time mother, everything feels new and scary. In your sleep deprived and wildly hormonal state, you will find yourself doubting your every move and overwhelmed with information.

If this isn’t your first child, you may find yourself comparing everything to your previous child, waiting with bated breath for history to repeat itself.

Together, we’re redefining breastfeeding success.

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