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Damn You, Flow!


Chances are that if you haven’t gotten your period back before you return to work, it will come back once you are back to work. You need to know a few things about Flow.


First, Flow messes with your supply. Usually, right around when you are ovulating (though some women experience this at the beginning of their periods instead), your supply will dip somewhat and your nipples will get a little sore. Your period probably won’t be regular when you first get it back, so you may not know when you ovulate, but a dip in supply may be one indication.


A calcium-magnesium supplement can help with the drop in supply. Take a maintenance dose of 500 mg calcium/250 mg magnesium all month long and increase it to 1500 mg calcium/750 mg magnesium beginning at ovulation and continuing through the third day of your period. For nipple tenderness, one capsule of Evening Primrose daily may help. If your milk supply is dipping more than just a little bit, use the tips found here for increasing your supply.


Flow also messes with your mood. Be ready for it. Make sure you are eating high-energy foods, not just emotional eating. Eating poorly will make you feel worse! If your moods are very unstable, consider taking a B-complex vitamin.


Of course, Flow means that you can get pregnant! Yup. And another pregnancy means that your milk supply will likely diminish quickly. If you get pregnant in the first year, you could jeopardize your breastfeeding relationship with your current nursling. Birth control options: non-hormonal or progesterone-only options. NO ESTROGEN!


No one likes when Flow returns, but knowing these tips will help you successfully breastfeed while managing your period.