Don’t offer, don’t refuse, don’t assume

As your baby gets older, he will change. Are you changing with him?

You may not be ready to talk about weaning yet, and that’s ok, but I encourage you to do an experiment today. This experiment will show you how often your baby tends to nurse if she is left to choose it on her own without your influence.

It’s called “Don’t offer, don’t refuse, don’t assume.”

Here’s how it works.

1. Don’t offer.

That means, don’t ask baby if she wants to nurse before leaving the house to go to story time at the library.  Don’t offer before bedtime or nap.  Don’t offer when your breasts feel full (that’s a toughy).

2. Don’t refuse.

Anytime baby asks to nurse, go ahead and nurse.  But, make sure she is actually asking. So, wait for her sign or her word for milk or her pulling on your shirt.  Which leads me to #3.

3. Don’t assume.

Sometimes, baby climbs up in your lap and you unconsciously just pop your boob out. She may have just been coming up into your lap to read a book or get some snuggles, but, well, since you offered she says “don’t mind if I do!”  So, whenever you think baby may be getting ready to ask to nurse, stop. Wait 30 seconds.  Don’t pull out your boob unless baby clearly asks for milk.

After a day of this, you will get a feel for when baby really wants to nurse.  How does this schedule feel to you? Is it too much nursing? Too little? Just right? This is a good starting off point for some early weaning techniques.

Ready to Learn some Gentle Weaning Techniques?

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