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Don’t Rush It

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I can’t wait until she can just _____.”

Most of us have. I can’t wait until she smiles at me. I can’t wait until he starts eating solid food. I can’t wait until he sleeps through the night.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “I can’t believe she is ______ already.” 

I can’t believe she is smiling already. I can’t believe it is time to start solids! I can’t believe it is time to wean… As mothers, we are caught on a daily basis dreaming of what our child will be like in the future and wishing for things to get just a little easier.  Simultaneously, we are also mourning the loss of our babies. They grow too fast. Do you look back and feel satisfied that you soaked up every moment of every stage or do you long to go back to that time and pay closer attention?

1. Unplug.

Are you reading this blog while you are nursing? As your baby plays on the floor?  As your husband sits next to you on his phone?

When your baby is a newborn and you spend 12-16 hours a day breastfeeding, it is common for you to spend a lot of time on devices. Nursing can get really boring sometimes, so it is expected that you will rely on technology to get you through.

But make sure you know when to put it down.  Make sure you look at your baby while she is nursing, especially if she is looking at you.

Are you remembering to memorize the dimples on her knuckles?

When is the last time your traced the swirl in his hair at the crown of his head?
Have you let her fall asleep in your arms, then just stared at her as that line of milk dribbles out of corner of her mouth?

Once your baby starts crawling and walking, these snuggly moments become fewer and fewer. So hold him a few moments longer before you lay him down in bed.

2. Brag. A lot. 

Before you are on to the next thing, make sure you have properly acknowledged how awesome you are.  Share this with everyone.  One of my favorite things about The Club is that it is a place where bragging is encouraged. In fact, once a week, we have a #Babybrag thread!

Nowhere else will you get 20 likes for successfully pulling off a pumping session at a formal gala, for going eight hours overnight without breastfeeding, or for pumping four ounces after struggling for two weeks with a drop in milk supply.

What do you have to brag about?

You survived the first two weeks of your baby’s life!
You survived the first six weeks of your baby’s life!
You are breastfeeding!
You are working and pumping!
You nursed in public!
You are nursing a toddler!
You night weaned!
You weaned completely with grace.

Find someone to brag to. And do it often.

3. Take it all in.

Just breathe it in. Take a mental inventory of what is happening at any given moment. Ask yourself, where am I and what am I doing? Use all five senses and really savor the moment.

Don’t wish for tomorrow, don’t long for yesterday. Just relish in today.

Not profound, just profoundly important.

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  • […] Mindfulness is key.  When you’re in the heat of the moment, it is so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Five minutes of poor latching = “my baby’s never ever going to breastfeed!”  While working on breastfeeding Aria I learned to stay in the present moment and focus only on the current nursing session just like while in labor I focused only on the current contraction.  Now when I nurse I try and remember to take at least a few minutes and stop thinking of everything I have to get done, put down the phone, and stare at my daughter.  Breathe in every aspect of the beautiful moment and treasure it, for it will pass all to quickly. […]