I feel joy.

I can notice I am feeling joy and choose to savor it. Turn it up. 

Can you do it? 

Can you really lean into joy, or is it overtaken by the fear of the agony you will feel if you lost it all? Does that fear corrode your joy until that joy now becomes foreboding? You know, that fearful apprehension, that sense of dread that something bad will happen.

For example, “What’s good about breastfeeding this week is that we had an amazing two-month check up! But I probably just jinxed myself by saying that.” — Actual quote from a mama at breastfeeding support group

No, you didn’t jinx yourself, but you did turn your joy to foreboding. You let fear of the future erase your joy of the present.

“When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding…We are trying to dress rehearse tragedy so we can beat vulnerability to the punch.” — Brene Brown

Look, let me just let Brene and Oprah explain it to you.

Watch the video, but here is your spoiler alert–the way to joy is through a practice of gratitude.

Allow me to suggest the following: “I am grateful that my baby is happy, healthy, well-loved, and well-fed.”