Friday Support Group

Friday Breastfeeding Support Group

Free at The Birth Center

Katie leads a FREE Breastfeeding Support Groups for breastfeeding mamas with babies 4 months or younger every Friday from 1-3 pm at The Birth Center.

There is no need to pre-register, just show up!

IMG_1488Breastfeeding support group is a place to ask questions and hear from other moms with similar struggles.  Katie keeps a scale available at group so you can see how much your little one has grown!  This is a judgement free zone, so no worries if you need to use a bottle to feed your little one at group.  Bring your baby of course, your partner if you’d like and get ready for a serious dose of confidence.

It is important to note that this group is designed to facilitate peer support, not to solve difficult personal breastfeeding problems. Katie often recommends scheduling a private appointment if she is unable to provide the one on one attention you need at group.