Gassy Baby

Babies are gassy. They burp, hiccup, fart, shart, and poop. A lot.

Considering how much they eat and how fast they grow, it makes sense that since they are digesting almost all the time, their bodies will show signs of that.

As your baby’s body grows and matures, gassiness will naturally improve. A baby’s digestive tract will get more efficient as their body is able to roll, crawl, and walk to move their own gas. In the meantime, try to maintain an understanding of why your baby and every other baby works so hard at digesting. Growing up big and strong so fast takes a lot of work!

If you feel like your baby is gassy, let’s first get curious about what “gassy” means.

Is your baby gassy but able to burp and fart? Or does he have a hard time passing his gas? 

There is a difference. If your baby curls up, bears down, cries, farts, and is happy, you have a perfectly normal baby. There are no problems that you need to worry about. 

Keep in mind, some babies are a lot more vocal about what they are feeling happen in their bodies (but don’t understand). AND, this vocalization tends to increase as the baby gets older and more present in their body. 

But if you have a baby who curls up, bears down, cries, curls up, cries, turns red, and cries, you may have a baby with trapped gas.