Hybrid Feeding Group

For breastfeeding mothers who need to supplement with formula due to a low milk supply.

Breastmilk + Formula by necessity = Hybrid Feeding

We prefer to identify ourselves by our abundant ability to provide for our babies no matter what, not by the milk that we lack.

Hybrid Feeding Group is for any moms who are now, or have ever known the struggle of “not making enough” and confusing that for “not being enough” of a mother for this baby.

We will discuss balancing the emotions and self-talk that often accompanies needing to hybrid feed.

We will discuss the phases of struggling with a low milk supply including trying to make more vs surrendering to what is and focusing on maintaining supply.

We will discuss the predatory nature of social media and how there is a very good likelihood that you will be triggered by a lot of the imagery you see.

We will discuss formula, bottle feeding, and strategies to increase milk supply including the use of herbal and nutritional supplements.

If you are not currently Hybrid Feeding your baby, but you have done so in the past, please join us! Your perspective is invaluable to these Mamas!


1601 Concord Pike, Suite #56, Wilmington, DE 19803

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