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Growing Together: Autumn Gathering 2019

Autumn dressed as a Sloth

Autumn was born in Autumn. Her mama Mallory became a mama in Autumn.

At the Autumn Gathering, we honor the mothers who became mothers for the first time, or again, in the season of Autumn – the months of September, October, and November.

The event felt just as I’d hoped it would: Festive. Relaxed. Just enough and not too much.

I watched as moms reconnected – women who wept in a room together at Breastfeeding Support Group just a few short months ago.  Their connection will always be fierce now that they have shared these deeply vulnerable experiences. They are part of the same Wolfpack now.

There were oh-so-many babies in oh-so-many costumes.

Everything I read about building the business of my dreams said to include all your favorite things: Babies in costumes. Check.

I love this beautiful Balanced Breastfeeding community we have built together, and I am dedicated to being your Pack Leader. I want us to gather like this every season.

I love to watch you and your baby grow.