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Have A Face Care Experience

I figured if we started Body Love 2019 at the top with your hair, the inevitable next stop is your beautiful face.

But here’s the thing: I personally don’t have anything groundbreaking to tell you about how to treat your skin.

So I turned to the Balanced Breastfeeding Club and Working Pumpin’ Mamas Facebook groups for some input. And a lot of you responded honestly and fervently.

My personal favorite? Danielle Downs.




Girl after my own heart.

There were some hardcore MLM brand lovers (Mary Kay, Beautycounter, Arbonne, etc). There were some who tried every brand from every makeup counter and finally found their magic jam.

The common themes I noticed fell into a few categories:

  1. “It’s my face, which is just part of my body. I just go with these few things and get on with it.”
  2. “Listen, I’ve been trying to figure this shit out for years and I have spent a million dollars in the process. This is the best I can figure. It is a mish mash of stuff. Works for me.”
  3. “I love this product and I love this business” and, in some cases, “I love this product, this business, and this tribe.” You brand lovers, as I will call you, whether MLMers or brand groupies, you don’t just believe in the product, you believe in the mission.

And, dare I say, you care about other women embracing their own beauty.

My personal motives were finding a fresher face and a mascara that doesn’t run, so I decided to just pick one suggestion and try it out (although I’m a little biased because Victoria Hill happens to be my secret weapon for killer recommendations right now).

As of the writing of this blog, I haven’t tried anything different from my current face care routine with the exception of using a mascara that a special patient happened to give me, which, so far, I have cried in twice and it is staying put without being waterproof (so it’s pretty damn awesome).

Here is the take away: Real face care isn’t about which products you use, how much you spend, or which brand you pledge allegiance to.  

Real face care is loving your face enough to pay attention to it. To listen to it. To ask it “What do you need today? What will make you feel beautiful?” Then, have a face care experience.

Part of that experience is definitely the packaging. Don’t lie. Buying and opening new makeup is like a new jar of peanut butter. There is just something deeply satisfying about it.

Glossier gave me the girly experience I was looking for. Their website (which makes me want to cry it is so beautifully inclusive and REAL) is great, but the product’s wrapping still scratched my deep girly-girl itch. Because, yes. I love pink. And a little shimmer, but not too much glitter. And tiny things in tiny boxes. And reusable bags.

Tomorrow morning, I will get the “new make up experience.” There’s nothing quite like a the first time you pull a mascara brush out of the tube, apply it to your lashes and gaze deeply into your own eyes. It is an undeniable admission of self love, even if it’s not your norm.

When you finish applying your mascara and take step back, you see a bright-eyed woman you maybe don’t recognize for a moment because she doesn’t look tired. She looks healthy and alive.

Whether you take just a moment on your beautiful face, or many minutes of meticulous focused attention… don’t stop without looking deeply into your own eyes and telling yourself:

“This face is the face that changes the world around me no matter what. I choose to believe that this face is a true and beautiful representation of the beauty deep within my soul.”

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