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Have You Gotten a Pump from Your Insurance Company Yet?

Did you know that the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance companies to cover personal use breast pumps?

Well, most insurance companies are compliant with this and they are covering really nice, high quality double electric breast pumps.

Have you called your insurance company and spoken to a representative who told you that you only qualify for a pump if there is medical necessity?  Well, removing milk that your boobs are making is medically necessary and insurance reps have a lot of catching up to do on the ACA.

So, if you have hit a wall with your insurance company, go here:


I highly recommend you choose a Medela Pump in Style Advanced. This is my top choice for a breast pump. (Well, the Medela Freestyle is my #1 choice, but I haven’t found an insurance company yet that is springing for that Cadillac).

If you absolutely can’t get a Medela, go for the Ameda.

If you can’t get a Medela or an Ameda and you can only get a Playtex or Avent or similar, put a Medela on your registry. If you are going back to work, you need a really good pump.  You are paying for the quality of the pumping mechanism (think Dyson versus Hoover). You never know which generous relative might be willing to buy you a breast pump.