Meet your Balanced Breastfeeding Mentors

Justine Deputy

Hi! I am Justine Deputy, mama to Warren. I am a Balanced Breastfeeding mentor and have worked for Balanced Breastfeeding since 2014. I manage the social media, private Facebook groups, work with the mentors, and various other tasks. I also have experience working with new mamas and babies as a nurse at The Birth Center. In the summer of 2015, I had my son! For me, breastfeeding has allowed me to learn and grow as a mother. I love breastfeeding and enjoy being able to support mamas as they navigate new motherhood and their breastfeeding journeys. My breastfeeding experience includes food allergies (dairy and soy) and working and pumping.

Katie Bevans

My name is Katie and I am completely in love with my daughter Bailey. She’s happy and healthy and has had breastmilk exclusively thus far. I am very proud of the three of us (including my fiancé) for making our breastfeeding relationship a success. I’ve been back to work full-time since the beginning of August 2015. Bailey goes to daycare full-time and I am a proud Pumpin’ Mama.

Elizabeth Eklund

Hi! I am Elizabeth Eklund. My daughter Madeline was born at home in June of 2014. My experience breastfeeding her has been extremely empowering and fulfilling. l am especially grateful to have been able to continue nursing Madeline after facing some pretty serious challenges during the first few months. My breastfeeding experience includes: working and pumping, dealing with nipple trauma, mastitis and abscess, managing both low milk supply and oversupply, and extended breastfeeding.

Kelly Kachelries

Hi! I’m Kelly Kachelries, the lucky mom of Ben and Evan. I nursed Ben for about 20 months when I found out I was pregnant with Evan. Evan and I continue to nurse and it has taught me how every baby is different! My breastfeeding experience includes: working and pumping, nipple pain, thrush, tongue tie, clogged ducts, and weaning.

Vanessa Shanks

My name is Vanessa Shanks and I was fortunate enough to breastfeed my daughter Samantha for 13 months before she self-weaned. My breastfeeding experience taught me that I could do more than I ever imagined and that dedication and persistence are paramount to success in anything we do. My experience included poor latch, use of nipple shield, working and pumping with long hours and a non-supportive environment, weaning faster than expected, and post-lactation depression.

Peggy Nagorski

Hello! My name is Peggy Nagorski and I am a mother of one. I am nursing my son, Teddy, who is 18 months old. Breastfeeding has helped me bond with my son, build my self confidence, find my identity as a mother and purpose, and helped me recover from a traumatic birth experience. I have experience in pumping at work, nursing a toddler, and weaning.

Angie Gray

Hi! I’m Angie Gray and I’m mom to Cleo (5) and Deacon (2 1/2). I nursed both of them for a little over 2 years and had 2 very different experiences that taught me that things don’t always go as planned! Breastfeeding also taught me a lot about taking time out of a busy life, standing up for what I believe in, being my own advocate and knowing when to put myself first. My experience includes : nursing a baby suffering from extreme reflux, baby with slow weight gain, low supply, extended nursing, weaning, and postpartum depression.

Kasey Stacey

My name is Kasey Stacey and I am a stay-at-home mom to my energetic but sweet son Vincent, born in July 2014, and my cuddly but dramatic daughter Brigid, born March 2016. A former high school English teacher, I now proofread, guest blog, and perform other tasks for Balanced Breastfeeding. I am currently tandem nursing Vincent and Brigid. My breastfeeding experiences include flat nipples, difficulty latching, using a nipple shield, tongue- and lip-ties, vasospasms, nipple damage and pain, near-exclusive pumping, over-supply, nursing through pregnancy and nursing aversion, nursing a toddler, night weaning, and tandem nursing. I (usually) love breastfeeding my children and I am passionate about helping other mamas grow in their new-found motherhood through their breastfeeding relationships.

Morgan Bolden

Hi, I am Morgan Bolden and I am mom to Samson. Our breastfeeding relationship is going strong at 19 months and I don’t see an end yet! I love breastfeeding because of the nutrition I can give my son and the close relationship we have developed. It was something I looked forward to even before being pregnant. My breastfeeding experiences include: working & pumping, oversupply, nursing a toddler, reverse cycling, and some NICU experience.

Ali Lawrence

Hi! I’m Ali Lawrence, mama to Aria. I’m proud to have made it past my goal of breastfeeding for the first year, and am excited to help other mamas formulate and reach their own personal goals. My breastfeeding experience includes: working and pumping, dealing with a high needs baby, managing supply issues, and dealing with lip ties.

Abby Sipress

Hi! I’m Abby Sipress and I am Rose’s mommy. Rose is four years old and she is still nursing (but only at bedtime). My mindset about breastfeeding has drastically changed since this journey began. I always knew I would do it, but certainly not for this long. At this point, I’m letting Rose decide when she is ready to wean. Hopefully that will be before she goes to college (although living in a dorm again might be fun). My breastfeeding experience includes: working and pumping, a baby who wouldn’t take a bottle, being a single parent and doing all of this anyway, extended breastfeeding, and partial weaning.

Sarah Knavel

I am Sarah Knavel, the mom of Emerson Truby-Knavel. He is the love of my life! We currently are breastfeeding in the evenings and before bed when I work. On the weekends we breastfeed whenever Emerson asks. He is 17 months old, and we will wean when we are both ready. Our breastfeeding journey has been empowering for me as a woman and as a mother. Through breastfeeding, I have found strengths that I never knew I had: self confidence; perseverance through difficulties; and being an advocate for what is best for my son. We struggled with low supply, and I began pumping when Emerson was 3 weeks old to help increase my supply. We supplemented with formula for a few months until I could get my supply up to meet his needs. I have been working full-time since Emerson was 11 weeks old, and I pumped at work. Balanced Breastfeeding and the moms I have met through the Balanced Breastfeeding groups have helped us on our breastfeeding journey, and I am so glad to be a part of the Balanced Breastfeeding mentors to be able to give back some of what I have been given.

Jillian Burke

Hi I’m Jill and I’m the proud mama of my sweet little man Ciaran.
I am currently breastfeeding Ciaran and my experience includes: Having a NICU Baby, hybrid feeding with a combination of formula and breast milk, pumping and working, a baby with an upper lip tie and poster tongue tie and having a low supply.

Stacey Cordivano

Hi! My name is Stacey and my son Carter is 9 months old. He has been exclusively breastfed (thanks to the support group, Pumpin’ Mamas and Katie’s help!) As I own my own veterinary practice, I went back to work after two weeks. We have had some bumps in the road and I have been so grateful for the support provided by Balanced Breastfeeding. I am so excited to help share the knowledge I have gained since becoming a mama! I truly feel that breastfeeding provides an amazing bond with your child and I want to help women experience the joy that I share with Carter. My breastfeeding experience includes: early working & pumping, tongue and lip tie, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and low supply.

Stephanie Forester

Hello, my name is Stephanie Forester and I am the proud mama of Logan! He is an adorable, fun-loving 8 month old little boy. I was happy to nurse my son until this last month. My little man and my body told me that our nursing relationship was over. My experience with breastfeeding had its ups and downs. I had to deal with lip and tongue tie issues, low supply, pumping at work of a high demand nursing job and just recently weaning! I really became fond of nursing and miss it already. I am looking forward to more kids so that I can share that special relationship. Breastfeeding did humble me because I am type A and used to being good at everything and trying to control everything. I learned to let things go and just embrace what my body could do and not focus on what it was not doing.

Nina Macfadden

Hi, I’m Nina Macfadden, proud mama to June. Junie is growing up quickly and our nursing relationship is growing each day. Breastfeeding has been a learning experience for my whole family. My breastfeeding experience includes: difficulty latching, using a nipple shield, nipple pain, and nursing with just one breast.

Erin Wickersham

Hi! I’m Erin and I am the mama to two-year-old Benjamin and another little one on the way in April 2016. I nursed Ben for 17 months. Breastfeeding taught me that I can do hard things and that I need to stand up for what I think is best for me and family. My breastfeeding experience was immensely rewarding because it was difficult every step of the way. It never got much easier for me and Ben. I have experience with working and pumping, tongue ties, low supply, loss of an ideal birth experience and a difficult adjustment to motherhood, an interesting circle of family support, and weaning.

Katrina Echt

Hi! I’m Katrina Echt and my son Miles was born in July 2015. I love breastfeeding him. When he nurses, I feel the love we share so strongly which is one reason I hope to become an extended breastfeeder. So far my breastfeeding experience includes: nursing a slow-gainer, dealing with a baby who wouldn’t take a pacifier or bottle (he now takes a bottle!), and working & pumping.

Lindsay Abrahams

Hi! I am Lindsay Abrahams, Sibby and William’s mom. Sibby nursed for 22 months, weaning while I was pregnant with Will. Will is currently nursing at 18 months old. My breastfeeding experience includes working & pumping, breastfeeding toddlers, breastfeeding during pregnancy, and weaning.

Tracy Dolan

Hi all! I’m Tracy Dolan and Tristan is my inquisitive, goofy, 18 month old son. My breastfeeding relationship is ongoing, and I am fortunate that Tristan still enjoys mama milk in the morning and before bed. This experience has shown me how mentally and physically strong I am and should always strive to be. I have also grown to appreciate the special and beautiful bond between mother and child. I cherish the quiet moments that nursing allows the two of us to have together. My breastfeeding experience includes: dealing with oversupply issues, working with a baby who has acid reflux and food sensitivities, working and pumping, and daytime weaning.

Jennifer Jaje

Hi, I’m Jen! I am proud to be mommy to two incredibly energetic boys (Simon and Elliot). I nursed each of them for over a year. My breastfeeding experience has taught me the value of preparation and the need for a positive support community for breastfeeding success. My breastfeeding experience includes: low supply issues, working with a high needs baby, using a nipple shield, dealing with an unexpected c-section, working and pumping, and VBAC.

Michelle Porter

Hi, I’m Michelle and proud mama to Kevin who nursed until 16 months. I have experience with always worrying whether I made enough milk, pumping and keeping up supply working full-time, thrush, blebs, nutrition for baby and mama, and weaning.

Jennie Yeow

Hello! My name is Jennie Yeow, and my mini-me is Natoma! She is three, and she still nurses as a part of her bedtime and morning routines. For me, breastfeeding serves as a beautiful reminder of what a strong person I am. A lot of people refer to birth as a marathon–in my estimation, it’s a sprint in comparison to breastfeeding! Breastfeeding is not easy, but it is incredibly empowering, and it is made easier with the right support and a community. I wouldn’t have kept breastfeeding after my milk came in if it weren’t for Katie Madden, the breastfeeding and new parent support groups at the Birth Center, and some kick-butt mamas by my side! This is why I became a Balanced Breastfeeding Mentor. I want to be a part of the right support and a community that helps mamas meet their personal breastfeeding goals. I have experience with the following breastfeeding challenges: Managing mental illness while breastfeeding; nipple pain, cracks, abrasions, etc.; engorgement; clogged ducts and/or milk blisters; mastitis; GERD/reflux and/or excessive spitting up; slow weight gain; baby’s cow’s milk protein intolerance and mother’s removal of all cow’s milk from diet; working and pumping; and partial and/or night weaning. PC: Fantial Photography