The Balanced Breastfeeding Team

The Balanced Breastfeeding team consists of Katie Madden, Justine Deputy & Kasey Stacey. All of us are or were once breastfeeding mamas who have dedicated our time and talents to helping other mamas find balance in their own breastfeeding relationships. All three of us are able to do the work we do thanks to the patience and flexibility of our babies Lucy (Katie’s daughter), Warren (Justine’s son), and Vinny & Brigid (Kasey’s kids).

IMG_1981Hi! I am Justine Deputy, mama to Warren. I am a Balanced Breastfeeding mentor and have worked for Balanced Breastfeeding since 2014. I manage the social media, private Facebook groups, work with the mentors, and various other tasks. I also have experience working with new mamas and babies as a nurse at The Birth Center. In the summer of 2015, I had my son! For me, breastfeeding has allowed me to learn and grow as a mother. I love breastfeeding and enjoy being able to support mamas as they navigate new motherhood and their breastfeeding journeys. My breastfeeding experience includes food allergies (dairy and soy) and working and pumping.

My name is Kasey Stacey and I am a stay-at-home mom to my energetic but sweet son Vincent, born in July 2014, and my cuddly but dramatic daughter Brigid, born March 2016. A former high school English teacher, I now proofread, guest blog, and perform other tasks for Balanced Breastfeeding. I am currently tandem nursing Vincent and Brigid. My breastfeeding experiences include flat nipples, difficulty latching, using a nipple shield, tongue- and lip-ties, vasospasms, nipple damage and pain, near-exclusive pumping, over-supply, nursing through pregnancy and nursing aversion, nursing a toddler, night weaning, and tandem nursing. I (usually) love breastfeeding my children and I am passionate about helping other mamas grow in their new-found motherhood through their breastfeeding relationships.