Meet the Mentors!

Our breastfeeding mentors do not tell you what to do or give advice based upon what they themselves did in their breastfeeding relationship. OurMentors4 mentors do not regurgitate information they read in a book. Our mentors do not judge you or tell you what you should do. Our breastfeeding mentors empathize on a deep level because they have been somewhere similar very recently. They feel the intensity of your struggle. They know how to listen, where to find each and every blog, and when to refer to a Lactation Consultant. They don’t claim to be breastfeeding experts by any means; they are just a few steps ahead of you on this journey. Sometimes it is nice to follow the person with the flashlight.

The Mentors on Facebook

Mentors2The Birth Center and Balanced Breastfeeding had not yet offered a
private breastfeeding support group online. There is a Pumpin’ Mama’s Facebook support for those who have enrolled in the Pumpin’ Mama’s Blueprint and the Weaning Support page for those who have enrolled in Weaning Gracefully. There was not, however, a page for all breastfeeding mamas. This was a very deliberate choice I made. I did not want to have a private page of breastfeeding mamas in need reaching out for help in an uncontrolled and possibly unsafe environment.

Private or public breastfeeding support Facebook pages can be really unsavory places. There are often a few “mean girls” who feel the need to brag about their own successes to make themselves feel better while simultaneously smashing on the confidence of those struggling. There is often rampant judgment about how others are breastfeeding, especially when it comes to supplementing with formula. It makes my blood boil thinking that any mamas in our breastfeeding community are being subjected to such bullying. I knew I couldn’t keep an eye on a Facebook group all the time, so I opted to hold off on having one at all… at least until it could be properly monitored.

Mentors1Enter the mentors. I realized that I had a ton of mothers who were knowledgeable and experienced. They had worked with me so they knew my style and the philosophies of Balanced Breastfeeding. So, I offered to train them to become mentors. We focused heavily of the Balanced Breastfeeding style of listening, supporting and guiding rather than giving advice or knowing all the answers. The Birth Center & Balanced Breastfeeding are now proud to offer a safe place for mamas to go to celebrate, bitch, and ask for advice without the fear of judgment.

Want to join this awesome online community? If you have taken a breastfeeding course at The Birth Center or with Balanced Breastfeeding, or if you had a lactation visit at The Birth Center, you can join! Email Justine at justine@balancedbreastfeeding.com to request to join! Pregnant Mamas, make sure to take Breastfeeding Basics at The Birth Center or The Pregnant Mamas Guide to Breastfeeding Success online to gain access to the group!