Katie's Life

The Moon

The moon is a reflection of the sun’s light. Whenever we can see the moon, it is because the sun’s rays are able to shine around the Earth, hit the moon, and bounce that light back to us. 

I’d like to explain the very basics of the moon to you as I understand them and how it helps me live my life. 

New Moon
we see only darkness

The moon is not illuminated at all. All we see is a black, moonless sky. 

Waxing Moon
the moon begins to appear

We can see more and more of the moon in the sky. 

Full Moon
the entire moon is illuminated by the sun’s rays

We see the sun’s light, even at night. 

Waning Moon
the moon disappears

 The Earth casts a shadow on the moon; the moon goes dark and becomes new.



Each stage takes about a week; the moon’s full cycle–dark to dark–takes about a month. And then we repeat. 

Now, each of these stages means something. If you would like, you can use the moon as I do: to stay clear on where I am and what I am doing and to find comfort in the fact that every part of our lives is part of a pattern, with a guarantee to repeat. 

Translation: For me, the moon creates a rhythm and a pattern in my life. This brings order to my wild, free, dreamy spirit.
Translation: I’m pretty big handful to manage on my own. The moon seems to know just how to help me with my crazy spots.

Hear me when I say:

With every new moon, we are being asked to rest and start anew. Once I started to understand how rest was critical to balance the action, energy, and productivity of the full moon, I started to find even more fulfillment. I started to feel like I was actually enough.

New Moon
in the darkness, we set intentions for this moon cycle 

Listen for what you need to hear

Waxing Moon
as the moon illuminates, we actively live by our intentions and strive to actualize them


Waxing Moon, Dagsoboro, Delaware

Full Moon
with the moon fully illuminated, we can allow light in to fill shadows

Wherever we feel stuck, scared, unsuccessful, lost, we ask the light of the moon to fill us up.
With the full moon we
let go of shit getting in our way.

Full Moon over the Indian River Inlet.

Waning Moon
We let go of what we have worked for all moon cycle so that we start anew with new intentions with the new moon.

Tie up loose ends
Let go more
Prepare to rest

A note about religion and the moon:

As I learned about and meditated with the moon, I found myself unsure about how to hold both my Christian beliefs and my newfound moon rituals. Was worshiping the moon praying to false idols? 

I’ve personally decided that worshiping anything in nature is worshiping my God. I personally believe that God set this entire universe in motion, in cycles to guide us. When I worship His moon, I am worshiping my God. 

I am disciplined in doing my moon practice two times a month with the new and full moon. I don’t recommend doing one without the other. So, do both. You don’t have to be able to see the sky and you don’t have to do it on the exact day of the new or full moon. 

My New Moon Practice:

Meditating- Sit down, close your eyes, and tell your mind to repeatedly STFU for five minutes. Listen for a quiet, certain voice when your noisy mind finally shuts up for a moment. Write whatever you heard down. 

Journaling- Document whatever needs to come out. Write it, draw it, type it. 

Decipher it- What you scribbled doesn’t have to all make sense. But I bet there are a few things in there that might pop out at you.

Articulate it- What is important for this moon cycle?

Rewrite it- Make it pretty and clear, snap a picture. This is your “new moon intentions”

Return to it- Put it on the wallpaper of your phone. You’re going to want to remind yourself of your new moon messages all month long.


My Full Moon Practice:

Read your new moon intentions. How’s are those going for ya?

With the full moon, I like to stir the pot. Hot bath, running,,,anything that amps up my inner critic and reminds me of what’s bothering me.

Let all of your worries bubble to the surface. Anything that is bugging you. Anything you’ve been ignoring.

As the thoughts come up, write them down. Scribble them. As many as you can until the thoughts stop.

Light a candle. Look at it.  See the light.

Look at the moon if you can from the darkest location you can. Soak up the moon like you soak up the sun.

Set all that you wrote on fire. Watch it burn. Let it all go.

In the space where there darkness, let the light of the moon refill that space.


Now that we’ve gotten all that trash out of the way, let’s get back to those new moon intentions.