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Why I Have Written a Newsletter Consistently for Five Years

In 2013, I attended my first flashy entrepreneurial business conference and my mind was blown to learn I could just start a business and do what I wanted. So, I did that. I started Growing with the Flow, LLC and wrote the curriculum for my first program, The Pumpin’ Mama’s Blueprint: Four Simple Steps to Return to Work Feeling Confident, Clear, and Proud. That was also the year I hosted my first Big Latch On which I hosted yearly for the following five years.

In 2015, I attended a marketing conference in which I was told by the presenter, “write a newsletter to your email list consistently. I suggest weekly.”  So, I did that.

Five years later, my newsletter shows up in about 3,000 inboxes every Tuesday at 7am without fail.

Why do I still write this newsletter? Why am I so adamant and consistent about it?

It is important that we stop and question our behaviors from time to time. If we aren’t careful, we may find ourselves feeling like a victim of our circumstances. Circumstances we choose for ourselves and we can choose to change.

Is writing a newsletter every single week my burden? It often feels like it. Who is placing this burden on me? The marketing coach from five years ago? Of course not. It is me.

I choose it every week.

Do you see where I am going with this? Since everything in life can be connected to breastfeeding, I ask you to ask yourself: why are you still doing what you are doing?

Is maintaining milk supply your burden? Are you a victim to it? Who is placing this burden on you? Katie Madden? No, of course not. It’s you. Every time you nurse or pump you are choosing to continue to lactate. Don’t get it twisted. It is your choice.

So why do I still write the weekly newsletter

Because it is a reliable constant in my life that brings my awareness and attention back to you, the Balanced Breastfeeding community.

Because it creates structure in my unstructured life of self-employment.

Because it models behaviors consistency, repetition, and endurance; skills every breastfeeding mom is building.

Because it allows me to process the events of my life, find a lesson to be learned and pass that lesson along to you. Or just show up as a real life, imperfect human who is working hard everyday toward my dreams. Either way, it is a chance for me to be both honest and inspiring.

Because you’re still listening, so I’ll keep talking.  Just so happens, I still have a lot to say, and so do the women in this community.

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