Self Care

How to be the pivot upon which you pivot.

I bet you have needed to make many pivots in your life, just like how I had to pivot with the Spring Gathering amidst this Covid-19 Pandemic.

When we think of the word pivot, we think of it often as a verb. I have been using the word to represent a sharp, about face turn, sometimes a 180 degree turn, sometimes a 360. A hairpin turn; an about face. The pivots I have made are changes in direction that happen so fast, it leaves me dizzy.

Dizziness feels like the opposite of balance to me.

It has felt dizzying to me, all the pivoting. 

Dizziness is a terrible feeling. I become nauseous. I need to sit down, put my head between my knees, breathe deeply, and often moan, wail, or yell until I get my balance back.

I have been using pivot as a verb. An action.

Pivot (v.): to turn on or as if on a pivot. 

Turns out, pivot is also a really powerful noun.

Pivot (n.): the central point on which a mechanism turns.
I made this video if me drawing to help explain this concept. I highly recommend trying this doodle.