POSTPARTUM Clinic & Clubhouse

I’ve changed the name of my new establishment set to open January . I’ll need to have the business cards reprinted anyway since I have land line phone issues ?. Silly me for thinking I need a land line and not just a Google voice number.

Anyway. Here it is—

Balanced Breastfeeding
Clinic & Clubhouse

Come if you set the goal to breastfeed.
Stay no matter how long you breastfeed. 

Because, let’s be honest. I certainly take care of a hell of a lot more than just your boobs and your baby. Don’t I?

I’ve been a postpartum nurse for 15 years. I’ll check your bottom because I’ve seen hundreds. I’ve seen them split open and sewn back up. I’ll  check your Cesarean Birth incision as well.

We’ll talk about your vagina and you can walk across the way to Physical Therapy for Women and the brilliant Anne Duch will help get that girl back in working order.

I’ll take your blood pressure if you don’t feel right. Because high postpartum blood pressures can be an emergency.

I’m screen your mental health and then I will directly refer you to a handful of amazing therapists who know a postpartum woman as well as I do. They’ll take care of your mind. And they are right in the Independence neighborhood (Napolin and crew or Ellow) or just around the corner (McCloskey).

Complicated medical issue I need help with? That’s when I call in my amazing provider Wolfpack –Apel, Black, Bostick.

The point is, The Clinic is about a lot more than breastfeeding.

And The Clubhouse? That’s for everyone.

Want to be part of The Club?

There is only one requirement to belong:

You have to have set the goal to breastfeed.

You have to have wanted to breastfeed at some point. That’s it.

No matter what happens after that, you still belong and you still need The Clubhouse.

Still feel like you don’t belong? May I suggest the Breastfeeding Loss Support Group (opening weekend!) and the What Breastfeeding Taught Me Workshop?

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