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Together with myself and a group of women who give birth in the same season as you, you’ll complete the Newborn Mamas Care Plan.. The plan emphasizes learning and prenatal preparation, followed up with early intervention during the crucial first two weeks of breastfeeding, and community support and ongoing care.

If you feel called to explore this opportunity to create a safe, realistic, and kind postpartum experience for yourself, I am so excited for you to read more about how the journey will unfold.

What the Newborn Mamas Breastfeeding Support Package Includes


Direct Access to Katie Madden for the First Month Postpartum


  1. Prenatal Consultation: Katie will walk you through a physical and emotional assessment, identify if you have one or more breastfeeding risk factors, and create a postnatal care plan specific to your individual and family needs.
  2. Text SupportDirect access to Katie as soon as you deliver and through the first month postpartum via text. Katie will help guide you through the initial days prior to your first appointment. She will continue to be available to you via text throughout the first month.
  3. Initial Postpartum Consultation: Private appointment to conduct a full feeding assessment for both you and your baby. This can be done in-person or virtually. You’ll discuss any issues or necessary follow-up care, and create a customized action plan for time until your next visit.
  4. Follow Up Postpartum Consultation: A second feeding assessment and check-in. Katie will review the action items from your previous appointment, and make a long-term care plan with specific group recommendations based on your individual circumstances.
  5. Newborn Mamas Support Group: Free access to support group for the first month postpartum. Connect with Katie and the BB Mamas in your cohort who are experiencing many of the same struggles and successes as you.

Availability of this package is determined by due date. In an effort to provide the best care to those that choose a package, Katie Madden can only accept a limited number of package clients each month.


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