Pumpin' Mama's

Get ready to go back to work by connecting LIVE and IN PERSON!

Can’t make it live?  No problem! Start the home study anytime! (The Pumpin’ Mama’s Blueprint is a 4 week Home Study Course that is offered all online. It has EVERYTHING you need to return to work feeling calm, confident, prepared and proud.)

There is A LOT you need to know about returning to work and pumping in order to protect your breastfeeding relationship.

Kick start your back to work planning at a small group intensive session.  We will work together the core principles of the Blueprint.


Investing in this Half Day Pumpin’ Mama’s Back to Workshop gets you access to the following:

A 3 hour Live Small Group Experience

The Pumpin’ Mama’s Blueprint Home Study– 46 pages, 8 videos, 4 audio recordings and 8 worksheets to make working & pumping simple.


A bound hard copy of the Pumpin’ Mama’s Handbook

Membership to the Private Pumpin’ Mama’s Facebook Community Get 24/7 advice, love, support and reassurance from over 70 Pumpin’ Mamas and Katie Madden!

The opportunity to connect live and in person with Katie Madden and mamas just like you!


Next workshop:

Two-part workshop meeting Monday, January 22 & Monday January 29

10:30 am to Noon at The Birth Center.

Register here.

Light refreshments will be served.

Start the home study anytime!

What Moms are saying about the PMB Back to Workshops:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I bring my baby with me to the workshop? 

Sure! If you baby is younger than about four months, please bring that baby and nurse freely during the workshop. If your baby is older than four months and potentially distracting, you may consider leaving baby at home so you can focus on the material.  It is totally up to you!

Should I bring my partner with me?

Absolutely. Your partner is critical to your working and pumping success.  Bringing him a long will get him more invested in the commitment it takes to be a working, pumping family. Plus, I have some assignments for him as well!

If I need to pump, is there break time and a private place to do so?

Yup. Nobody will bat an eye if you pump right there in the workshop, but I also have a nice comfy place for you to go to pump in private if you prefer.

When should I take this course?

The best time to take this course is four to six weeks before you return to work. That gives you plenty of time to process the material and build up your freezer stash.



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