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Questions to Ask Your OB or Midwife

  1. I am planning to breastfeed my baby.  What should I know about when to call you?
  2. Should I use the emergency on-call number for these issues or should I call during office hours?
  3. Do you have any teaching sheets you can provide me with this information?
  4. If I develop yeast, plugged ducts, or mastitis, do you feel as if your office is able to provide me adequate breastfeeding support to make sure I am doing everything I can to prevent the problem from happening again and to maintain my exclusive breastfeeding relationship?
  5. Do you work with an IBCLC? If so, can you please provide me with her contact information so I can meet her before I have my baby?
  6. Can you suggest any breastfeeding support groups for me to attend?

Still pregnant?

If you are local to the Wilmington, DE area, I would love to see you in one of the Breastfeeding Basics classes we offer at The Birth Center. 

If you aren’t able to join me live, check out the online education program I created- The Pregnant Mama’s Guide to Breastfeeding Success

Currently nursing?

Come see me or one of my fabulous colleagues at The Birth Center in Wilmington, DE. Let us take the time to teach you about your own unique baby and breastfeeding relationship during a one on one consultation.