Tongue Tie & Revision

Post-Revision Remorse

It is fairly common to have regret in the hours and days following a revision procedure. It can be a sickening feeling.

Remember that having your baby’s tongue and/or lip revised was not a mistake.

You made this choice not only to help your baby to breastfeed, but also to improve your child’s airway, dental health, and future speech.

But you feel unsure about that choice because:

It is hard to see your baby in pain. Make sure you are using comfort measures to help decrease your baby’s pain.

It can be discouraging if you are noticing your baby’s latch isn’t any better, or maybe it seems even worse! It’s okay. It is really common for babies to have a disorganized suck in the days after the revision procedure. Remember, your baby has a whole new ability to move her tongue! That can be confusing!

It can be common for babies to sometimes refuse to nurse at all for hours or days after the revision procedure. This is also okay! Just feed your baby and protect your milk supply. You will work with your IBCLC to get the baby back to the breast.

It can be upsetting to perform the post-care lifts. If you are uncomfortable performing them, call your revision provider or your IBCLC and ask for help. Your IBCLC should see you three to five days after the procedure and she may be able to do the lifts with you.

Ways to combat post-revision remorse:

Reach out to a trusted friend. Bonus if that friend has had the revision procedure done on her baby.

Reach out to a trusted Facebook page.

Call your IBCLC.

Visit your breastfeeding support group.

Remember that you made an informed decision to give you and your child the best chance at meeting your breastfeeding goals. Sometimes you will encounter bumps on the road to those goals, but with perseverance and the right support network, you will get that much closer to reaching your destination.