SEE Breastfeeding at The Big Latch On 2017

(Photo credits: Angie Gray)

When you were a little girl, how did you feed your baby doll?

How many babies have you ever seen being bottle-fed?

How many babies have you seen breastfeeding?

How many babies had you ever seen breastfeed before you were a breastfeeding mother?

Have you ever been in a room of more than 100 women simultaneously breastfeeding? It is powerful for the breastfeeding women themselves, but perhaps it is even more impactful for those in the room who aren’t breastfeeding. The people who really need to SEE breastfeeding are not those breastfeeding; it is everyone else.

Husbands need to SEE breastfeeding. They need to see that their wives aren’t alone in this struggle. Each is one of millions of women who have nursed their babies since the dawn of time.

Little girls and young women need to SEE breastfeeding. They need to know what their breasts are primarily for. They need to remember this experience when they have their own babies.

Little boys and young men need to SEE breastfeeding. They need to know what breasts are for and how their babies may be fed one day.

Pregnant women need to SEE breastfeeding. They need to know what is possible for them. They need to know that breastfeeding is something they can certainly succeed at, especially if there is such a massive community of support all around them.

Breastfeeding is a learned behavior. Women and babies need to learn how to breastfeed; everyone else needs to learn that breastfeeding is as normal as bottle-feeding.

First we see, then we do, then we teach. That is why we all need to SEE more breastfeeding.

The 2017 Big Latch On is August 5. Who can you bring along with you who needs to SEE breastfeeding?