Spoon or No Spoon?

Introducing Solid Foods to your Breastfed Baby

There seem to be lots of different ways to introduce a baby to solids. Purees? Baby Led Weaning? Jarred baby food? Which is the best method? When is the best time to start? What about allergies?

You are curious about the best way to start solids, especially since you are breastfeeding.

I will fill you in on exactly HOW to start complementing breastfeeding with solids foods.

In this 60 minute e-Course you will learn

  • When to introduce solids and what the signs of readiness are in your baby.What foods to start with and how to prepare themWhat Baby Led Weaning is and why it may or may not be the best choice for your baby
  • How to monitor your baby for potential food allergies
  • How to avoid constipation that sometimes accompanies starting solids
  • Whether or not you need to offer water (and what kind of water to give)
  • How solids change breastfeeding

What’s Included?

A downloadable Starting Solids Guide

Access to the 60 minute e-course for you to keep and watch over and over again
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