Katie and her support have meant the world to me and my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter. In the beginning, we had trouble latching. Katie gave me the confidence and tools to keep working at it. Katie’s approach doesn’t just focus on the physical aspect of breastfeeding, but the emotional aspects, as well. Katie validated my feelings, and empowered me to be the best mom I can be and to continue nourishing my daughter the best way possible. Without the support of Katie and her weekly breastfeeding groups, I don’t know if I would have stuck with it. I will always be grateful for the gift you have given me!
Erica & Lila

It is hard to put into words what Katie has meant to me. When my first daughter had open heart surgery, I needed to start pumping for her at just two weeks old. After surgery, she was fragile and I was beyond nervous and Katie helped me get her back on the breast and feeding successfully. I am so grateful for that. With my second daughter, Katie has helped me through several rough patches and thanks to Katie we have a beautiful nursing relationship. She will be one next month and we have no plan to wean! Katie has taught me how beneficial nursing past a year is and has given me the confidence to do it. Thank you so much. What a gift!
Becca, Annie & Olivia

Katie helped me with both my children. There were lactation consultants in the hospital where I had my first son and yet I still turned to her for advise and questions. There are so many misconceptions and so much bad advice regarding Breastfeeding and its not always easy. I truly wish that every mother everywhere had a Katie to turn to.
Kelly, Liam & Ryan

Katie is a brilliant, passionate, experienced advisor and consult. She truly saved my nursing relationship with my daughter and fostered the joyous bond we now share. With her, it isn’t just about feeding the baby — it’s about empowering mother-child pairs to forge the deep, life-altering connection that ONLY breastfeeding can create. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this precious gift!
Ashley & Ella

Breastfeeding in the beginning was difficult for me and I worried so much. Not only did Katie help me technically, she helped me emotionally. She had a way of encouraging me to stay calm and just keep going. When it was time to go back to work she helped me with some pumping issues I had. I truly feel that that if I didn’t have Katie, I wouldn’t have lasted very long. She had confidence for me when I thought for sure I wouldn’t last another day. I am so proud to say that i was able to nurse my daughter for 20 months! And that I made the decision to stop. Anyone who receives lactation care from Katie is a lucky Mama!
Teresa & Leela

As a nutrition professional and long time nursing mom, I can attest to the fact that Katie is THE best local resource and support for nursing moms. Thank you, Katie, for all the work you do to educate and empower women and for getting the word out that breastfeeding is normal and healthy even beyond infancy.

Katie is absolutely amazing. Not only did she help me and my son with his latch at the beginning, but she has been an amazing source of knowledge and support through our breastfeeding journey. I know that without the knowledge and support Katie provided me at the beginning and in my transition back to work, I would not have had the confidence to continue breastfeeding this long. She is simply amazing.

My birth plan was far from what I expected and I wasn’t able to be with my little guy for the first few days of his life. He was given a bottle and then had issues latching when I tried to breastfeed. I was feeling very emotional in the early days and weeks of breastfeeding. I needed advice on how to go about breastfeeding successfully and I also needed confidence that breastfeeding would work. I remember the first appt with Katie she said something along the lines of ‘you are doing an amazing job, look at all you have been through and how well you are handling it’. She doesn’t know it, but I wanted to break down crying because that is something I desperately needed to hear! My heart couldn’t handle losing the experience of breastfeeding like I had lost the experience I wanted with child birth. My little guy is now 13 weeks old and breastfeeding gets easier every day. Katie continues to encourage and support me!!! She is awesome!
Jillian & Jack

Breastfeeding came pretty naturally to my daughter and I, and then the weirdness set in. Katie helped me figure out what was normal and what was not, and helped me to fix the not normal parts. Even after the early stages, she was there to help me with pumping, teaching my daughter some nursing manners, and often just for a sounding board. Her sense of humor and realistic, no-nonsense approach is wonderful. I definitely recommend Katie to every breastfeeding mom!!
Abby & Rose