The Breastfeeding Rules

Feed the baby by nursing or bottle eight times a day. Stimulate your breasts eight times a day. Feed the baby, protect the supply and seek help to achieve your breastfeeding goals

1. Feed the baby

2. Protect the milk supply

3. Seek Help

Feed the baby

Newborn babies need to be fed (direct latch/nurse or bottle) every 1-4 hours for a minimum of eight feeds in 24 hours. Often, newborns eat 10-12 times per 24 hours.

Protect the milk supply

Woman using a breast pump
A stimulation is an effective nursing session or a pump session.

The milk supply is protected by stimulating your breasts (direct latch or pump) to make milk every 1-4 hours for a total of eight stimulations per 24 hours.

Complete at least 8 feeding cycles per day 

  • A feeding cycle may be a direct breastfeeding session or pumping and bottle feeding session.

In each feeding cycle, feed the baby. 

  • 6+/24 hours in the first day, then 8+/24 hours every other day. Nurse directly or bottle feed the designated amount for the baby’s day of life. 

Each time you feed the baby, you need to protect the milk supply. 6 or more stimulations in the first 24 hours, then 8 or more stimulations for every day afterward. 

A stimulation can be a direct breastfeeding session or 15 minutes of pumping both breasts at the highest comfortable vacuum.

  • A pumping session does not need to be at the exact same time the baby is taking a bottle.

Seek help

Keep asking for help, even if the help doesn’t seem helpful. No matter what, don’t stop asking. Find yourself an IBCLC who really listens to you, eases your pain, and helps you identify and achieve your own personal breastfeeding goals. If the helper feels unhelpful or judgmental, simply let that go and find someone else. For as long as you are lactating at all, you deserve helpful and kind lactation care. 

Helpful help feels

  • Empowering – it wasn’t done for you, it was shown to you.
  • Clear and supported with credible at home learning . 
  • Kind, not just nice.
  • Unbiased, open to all options resources