Top 5 Reasons to attend the 2017 BLO

(Photo credits: Angie Gray)

5. To win fun raffle prizes. We will be giving away raffle tickets at check-in that you can drop in the box of your favorite item on the table. More tickets will be available to purchase. Many of our vendors will be supplying gift packages, sample items, or gift certificates for complimentary services. You never know when your ticket may win!

4. To support local businesses, most of which are run by breastfeeding mamas like you! Almost all of our vendors are area moms who are working hard to help support their families. Many of these are Balanced Breastfeeding mamas. Here are just some of the businesses we have signed up for Saturday’s event.

Getting Sew Crafty

Usborne Books and More

Mamaste Doula and Birth Services


Spinal Health and Wellness



Cherub Bella

The Mother’s Space

Colleen McLaughlin, LMT

The Birth Center

Child’s Play, Learning & Development Lab

3. To reconnect with old friends and make new friends. Ever wonder what happened to that woman from breastfeeding support group? She just might be at the Big Latch On! Wish you knew more moms with babies the same age as your own? At the BLO we will be encouraging moms to exchange emails and find one another on Facebook so you can keep the connections going even after the event!

2. To show off your hard work to Katie Madden. All too often, no news is good news when it comes to breastfeeding. Unfortunately, this means I rarely get to see you mamas when things are going well! I want to see how your baby has grown healthy and strong and how you have blossomed into a confident mama. Be sure to find me, stop me, and brag!

1. To be a part of something bigger. You will be one of over a hundred in a room in Delaware, one of thousands in the United States, and one of tens of thousands all over the world latching your baby on August 5th. How cool is that?!