Troubleshoot Early Breastfeeding

The early weeks of breastfeeding can be really, really hard.  Here are some issues a lot of women have in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. But, don’t spend too much time online. If you are really having trouble with breastfeeding, you need to connect with an IBCLC as soon as you possibly can!

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Staying in the Present

It is really easy to get overwhelmed with breastfeeding. But chances are, if you are feeling fear or guilt, you are traveling to a past or a future breastfeeding session. Right now in this moment, you are all your baby needs. Right now, you are the perfect mother. So, stay right here, right now.

Nursing in Public

Breastfeeding in public is about YOUR comfort. You can never make everyone comfortable, so don’t try.

Beware of Google

We live in a time when we have instant access to an overwhelming amount of information.  The problem is, this information can really mess with your head and with breastfeeding. So, before you believe Dr. Google, read this.

Is the doctor always right?

You may have chosen a pediatrician who is supportive of breastfeeding, but remember that he isn’t a breastfeeding expert.  Whenever you get advice from any medical professional, remember it is just that. Advice.

Responding to Criticism

You know opinions are like bellybuttons. Everybody has one. Oftentimes, that opinion feels like judgement or criticism.  Don’t let it get to you! Be ready to respond.