We Chose Breastfeeding. We Chose Courage.

When you began your breastfeeding journey, you entered the arena. The moment your baby was born, you felt the depths of vulnerability.

“Vulnerability: The emotion we experience during times of uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” — Brene Brown, Dare to Lead

Balanced Breastfeeding is a community of women in the arena. We feel the deep dark depths of vulnerability over a sustained and prolonged period of time through intense physical pain, exhaustion, and emotional turmoil. It is highly likely this is the most “awake and alive” we have ever been or ever will be. It takes great courage to endure such intense vulnerability for such an extended period of time. It takes courage to stay in the arena.

The courage of a breastfeeding mother. I have witnessed it almost daily for past fifteen years of my life.

She must show up constantly for this baby. Constantly.

The process of breastfeeding, for as long as you do it, very often dominates your life. It physically requires your attention at least every three hours, but really constantly. It feels mentally and emotionally all-encompassing, as if nothing else matters but making breastfeeding work. This physical, mental, and emotional demand is the driving force behind what keeps us showing up for our babies.

I know deeply in my bones with you that nothing else but your newborn baby matters in that moment.

I’ll meet you in the arena. I will fight with you. I’ll want it just as badly as you do (but not more).

But I promise I am also going to be there to remind you that breastfeeding isn’t all that matters. That you can breastfeed and still live the whole life you love.

And then I will invite you to The Balanced Breastfeeding Clubhouse to hang out with other Wholehearted Moms Like You.

Take my advice: You’re gonna need wholehearted Wolfpack Mom friends. Breastfeeding may have been the first time in your life that you have felt this vulnerable, but it certainly won’t be the last. Being a Mom is hard AF because it requires bravery and courage.
But you will be able to do it. Because what breastfeeding teaches you is that you are brave.

Say to yourself aloud, “I am a Balanced Breastfeeding Mama. And I am brave.”

And together we say, “We are Balanced Breastfeeding Mamas. And we are brave.”