Weaning Workshop

Gentle and Effective Ways to Change or Complete your Breastfeeding Relationship

The Weaning Workshop is a chance to come together in real life with other Marathon Mamas and have an experience with me, Katie Madden, and your fellow Balanced Breastfeeding Mamas.

You have to come without your child. For three hours. Hooray!!

You will have the space and time to sit.

We will cry and eat chocolate and other yummy things. I will tell you what I remember from some of your bravest days, if I had the privilege of witnessing it.

You will decide what things matter most right now. You will make a plan to prioritize those things, including changing or ending breastfeeding.

It is my hope that you will leave this workshop a little more ready to let go of what is and make space for what’s next. And you’ll have your “what’s next steps” in hand.

Can’t make it live? The tools you need to learn at home are included in Marathon Moms!

The ideal time to take this course is around 6-12 months or later, when you are first starting to consider weaning. Or, whenever breastfeeding is beginning to become frustrating to you and you would like to make a change.

Weaning Workshops are for mamas only. Please leave your little ones at home so you can take the time needed to think, reflect and plan to reach your weaning goals.


This event is currently postponed, but is currently still offering virtual one-on-one weaning consultations. Request one here.

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