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What to Expect During a Lactation Consultation

When you see me for a consultation, I am not solving your breastfeeding issues for you, I am solving them with you. 

My goal is to uplift and support you with kindness, safe advice, and realistic strategy. I am committed to walking with you until you are comfortable walking alone. Our kind community of fellow BB Mamas will be there to support you as well.

If you are meeting me in person at my Wilmington, DE office, expect a safe, clean, unhurried office experience.


If we are meeting virtually, expect a confidential, professional telehealth visit.

Here’s what you can expect:

Safe Advice.

Our consultation begins before we first meet with you telling me your story.  Prior to our first appointment you will complete a detailed intake questionnaire. For virtual consultations, I may ask for photos and videos to complete my clinical picture.

The more you are willing to share with me about your body, birth, and breastfeeding stories to date, the more thoroughly and deeply I can craft solutions for your family that are physically and mentally safe.

Realistic Strategy.

Together, we will co-create a plan that fits your family’s unique needs. My plans always prioritize feeding the baby adequately while protecting not only mother’s milk supply but also her mental health and sleep.

My plans are written and linked to learning support resources within The BB Online Club. Rather than Googling the answer, you’ll refer back to our safe, realistic, and kind, advice in our private members area.


Your support network & the BB support community.

I will challenge your support community to support you; I will challenge you to ask them for help, then let them help.

Your partner or other support person should attend a consultation whenever possible. As we make plans to protect and support breastfeeding, we also are developing the skill of asking for help and empowering support people, especially the co-parent, to parent!


Whether you meet with me or someone else, you  should leave your lactation consultation with a feeling of relief, hope, and empowerment.  You shouldn’t expect to feel “fixed,” but you should feel like you have a clear, feasible plan to follow for a defined period of time.

Remember, if you leave your visit feeling bewildered, defeated, incompetent, hopeless, overwhelmed, or confused, this lactation consultant may have not been the best fit for you. Seek more helpful help. You and your baby deserve it.


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