What’s Next?

Set realistic goals for the second half of your breastfeeding relationship.

A 90-minute workshop to get clear on your breastfeeding goals from 6-12 months.

You’ve achieved 6 months or more of breastfeeding! Way to go mama!! You have accomplished what fewer than 50% of mothers who started breastfeeding are able to achieve. That is not a small or easy feat as you know. I hope you are damn proud of yourself.

So what’s next?

Many moms say 12 months! That’s an excellent next long-term goal, but you are going to need some short-term goals in the meantime.

For example: do you plan on being done breastfeeding entirely on day 365 of this child’s life?  If so, you will need to start preparing for that around 9-10 months. Are you simply sick of the pump but you aren’t quite ready to stop direct nursing at 12 months? You can do that!

This 90-minute workshop will give you the opportunity to explore your options as you enter into the second half of breastfeeding. You will leave with a customized plan for yourself and your unique breastfeeding relationship and the confidence that you have concrete steps in place to achieve your next breastfeeding goal.

Of course, as with every Balanced Breastfeeding course, you will get an opportunity to look at yourself as a mother and a woman to discover what YOU need in your life as well. After all, you are so important, mama. You must take care of you.

Bring your baby along or leave her at home. Whichever makes more sense for you.


This event is currently postponed, but is currently still offering virtual one-on-one weaning consultations. Request one here.