Winter Gathering: Valentine’s Day Baby Formal

February 9, 2020 Balanced Breastfeeding hosted its first annual Winter Gathering. This is a special day in history because it was also the inaugural celebration of Katie Madden being entirely self-employed as the founder and sole employee of The Balanced Breastfeeding Postpartum Clinic and Clubhouse!

We decided to call it our Clubhouse Warming.

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Have you seen pics from The Autumn Gathering 2019? 

I have to thank the “What’s Next Wolfpack” aka Spring 2019 Mamas for their dedication to pulling off a 100% on-brand, Pinterest worthy event.

The Kissing Booth: Open for Kisses.

I think Marlena dreamed up this beautiful Kissing Booth idea just so she could snap this photo. Totally worth the 7 years she waited for this hunk, Penn. From Ellen’s Garland @Effortlesscharmevents, to Andi’s white fuzzy remnant jackpot find, it came out just perfect.

Little ones go in the bucket….uhhhh…wait maybe not. Mabel looks weird.

Anyway. We improvised and it turned out great.

Attire: Formal.

Yes, I dressed up like a pretty pink princess, wore a shirt that said “BossMom” and beckoned all the children come sit with me on the pink boob couch to take pictures. Don’t judge me. I am living my best, pink tutu-wearing, baby-loving life.

Queen Bee Aria agrees and loved it.

So did these cutie boys.

And JD

Ok that’s enough tiny babies in formal wear.

No wait! Look at Dean!

Last one, I swear. But it’s TWINS Evalina & Liam!!

Needless to say, I have built the life of my dreams.

Plus, I have this beautiful, unique, original child to show off as my greatest masterpiece.

And this guy. Who is willing to back up the big personality I am.

We are on a roll to have a gathering each season. It is important that some of the seasonal gatherings include a celebration of us mothers. A day when we can dress our babies and show them off. I say, if we literally make, grow, birth, and keep a human alive, we can dress that human in whatever we want until they will no longer consent to it. That’s only fair.

Next up is the Spring Gathering: 5K for Clara! Save the date for April 25, 2020.