Prenatal Workshop

How to feed your newborn

Breastfeed | Bottle Feed | Pump

This FREE class is a realistic approach to breastfeeding (including pumping & bottle feeding) for expectant parents.

Plan to take this class right as your enter your third trimester – around 28 weeks pregnant. Don’t leave it until 32 weeks or later if you can avoid it. You need to know what to do if baby shows up early!

How are you planning to feed your newborn baby?

This is a really important question that all pregnant families need to consider

Woman breastfeeding baby
Learn realistic strategies to feed your newborn baby
By attending the Prenatal Workshop you will:

Together we will set a safe, realistic and short term breastfeeding goal: 2 weeks.

  • Then, you’ll learn how to achieve this goal, no matter the circumstances of birth.
  • Learn how to feed the baby: direct latching or bottle
  • Protect your milk supply: nursing or pumping
  • Find empowering support to achieve your goal

Prenatal Workshop

the class for before your
baby arrives!