Live Workshops

with Katie Madden

Transitioning through each stage of breastfeeding mirrors the transitions we make for the rest of motherhood.

Moving from one stage to the next without remnants of guilt is a conscious, learnable skill. It is my hope that by practicing the skill of transitioning at each stage of breastfeeding, you will have honed a critical skill you can use for the rest of your mothering journey.

In each of these workshops, you will take time to celebrate what you have achieved to date. You will learn what to expect in the next phase, and you will determine what might be holding you back from moving forward.

Each workshop consists of two live Zoom meetings, spaced one week apart. Katie has new tricks up her sleeve to help each of you connect with your fellow Mamas in the workshops between and after our time together.  These are connections and friendships that likely will follow you all through your mothering years. Online, self-paced curriculum prior to the live workshop is included.

If you are pregnant…

How to Feed Your Newborn Baby

Breastfeed. Pump. Bottle feed.

A realistic approach to breastfeeding (including pumping & bottle feeding) for expectant parents.

By attending the How To Feed Your Newborn Workshop you will:

  • Feel stronger conviction around your infant feeding choices.
  • Ensure your baby is always fed. No matter what.
  • Understand how to both breastfeed and bottle feed and how to bond with your baby through both.
  • Get clear about how and when to pump your milk (and how much is realistically supposed to be in your freezer).
  • Let go of any beliefs you may have that your infant feeding choice is related to “how good of a parent” you are.

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If you are new to breastfeeding…

you don’t need a workshop yet. You need a group or a one-on-one with Katie.

If you’re breastfeeding…

Back to Workshop

Let’s get pumped for going back to work! Or at least figure out how the heck you’re going to do this.

You’re getting ready to do something hard, mama – leaving your brand new baby with a trusted caregiver and getting back to business is no easy task.

In the Back To Workshop, we’ll help you start to unpack those big emotions as well as review the skills that can help you adapt your breastfeeding relationship to your work life.

You’ll also have a chance to connect with a group of local moms preparing to go back-to-work, and build a community of support for yourself through this transition.

This workshop is currently on hold. Get the same content and the opportunity to talk about your specific transition in a one-on-one Back to Work consultation.

What’s Next?

Set realistic goals for the second half of your breastfeeding relationship.

4-7 months postpartum

You’ve achieved several months of breastfeeding! Way to go mama!! You have accomplished what fewer than 50% of mothers who started breastfeeding are able to achieve. That is not a small or easy feat as you know. I hope you are damn proud of yourself.

So what’s next?

This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore your options as you enter into the second half of breastfeeding. You will leave with a customized plan for yourself and your unique breastfeeding relationship and the confidence that you have concrete steps in place to achieve your next breastfeeding goal.

This workshop is currently on hold. Get the same content and the opportunity to talk about your specific transition in a one-on-one Marathon Mamas consultation.

Weaning Workshop

Weaning doesn’t have to feel like a break-up. Let’s end or adjust the end of your breastfeeding relationship with kindness.

Your weaning experience deserves as much time, attention, and effort as early breastfeeding.

In the Weaning Workshop, we will create a safe, supportive space to not only reflect on and celebrate your breastfeeding journey, but also to acknowledge the sadness that can accompany this transition.

We’ll also explore how to determine the best time to wean, what to do if baby disagrees, and the gentlest, most effect strategies for weaning when you’re ready.

This workshop is currently on hold. Get the same content and the opportunity to talk about your specific transition in a one-on-one Weaning consultation.

If you are no longer breastfeeding…

What Breastfeeding Taught Me

Take some  time to really think about what your breastfeeding experience or experiences have taught you? Many of us faced and survived some of the scariest, darkest, moments of our lives when we were breastfeeding. Many of us discovered a strength we didn’t know we possessed.

It would be a shame to not take some time to really honor the gift breastfeeding gave you. To think on it, write about it, then own it. Live from those lessons from here on out. Let’s do that together. If you are no longer breastfeeding, but you ever gave it a chance, join us.

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