What Breastfeeding Taught Me

A two hour small group workshop with Katie Madden

Have you taken some time to really think about what your breastfeeding experience or experiences have taught you? Many of us faced and survived some of the scariest, darkest, moments of our lives when we were breastfeeding. Many of us discovered a strength we didn’t know we possessed.

It would be a shame to not take some time to really honor the gift breastfeeding gave you. To think on it, write about it, then own it. Live from those lessons from here on out.

So, here’s what I propose. Let’s get together and reflect upon what breastfeeding taught us. We will sit in silence without our children bothering us and think. We will journal. We will share. There will likely be tears, but there will also be chocolate.

I hope you will join us.

This workshop is for you if:

You are not currently breastfeeding at all.

You set the goal to breastfeed in pregnancy and breastfed or pumped for your baby at all.

This is important: even if you breastfed for a shorter period of time than you had hoped, or in a different way than you hoped, breastfeeding taught you a lot. In fact, you may have learned even more through the process of failing to meet your goals and learning how to be flexible.

I’m just saying, we don’t learn as many lessons when the path is clear of obstacles.

This workshop is especially powerful if you are just wrapping up one breastfeeding journey or preparing to start your next one.


This event is currently postponed, but is currently still offering virtual one-on-one weaning consultations. Request one here.