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Newborn Mamas Care Plan: Comprehensive, Community-Based Online Support for New Mothers with the Intention to Breastfeed

The Newborn Mamas Care Plan includes:

Prenatal Preparation

Early Intervention (birth-4 weeks)

Continued Care (4-16 weeks)

Community Support

  • 15 Online Support Groups through 16 weeks
  • Balanced Breastfeeding Mamas Facebook Community: Connect to the full community of Balanced Breastfeeding moms, past and present.
  • Seasonal Birth Cohort Facebook Group: Start building your Wolf Pack and connect with the other mother’s due in the same season.



Working Pumping Care Plan: Returning to work? You’ll want to add this one.

For Breastfeeding Mothers Who Intend to Pump Milk for Their Babies While Working Outside the Home…or find themselves suddenly working from home.

Before Returning to Work

  • Back To Workshop
  • Access to the Working Pumping Mamas Facebook Group for Online Community Support

After Returning to Work



What If I Choose to Wean?

For Mothers Who Make the Decision to Wean at Any Point During the NBM Program

Stopping breastfeeding is always a choice.

The thing about lactating is that once you get it started you can almost never “just stop.” Stopping the biological process takes days or weeks. That realization can be really scary. It can feel like you are trapped.

But it is important for you to know that choosing to stop breastfeeding is always an option.

Throughout the Newborn Mamas program we will have check-in points. These are points throughout the breastfeeding process when we will ask you to pause and take stock. We take a step back and look at the whole picture:

  • How are your breasts lactating? Are they filling and draining well? Have you developed any infections? Do you get persistent plugged ducts?
  • How are your nipples? Are they healing?
  • How is your baby gaining and growing?
  • How is your mental health?
  • How is your relationship with your partner?
  • Are you heading back to work?
  • What goals have you achieved? What goals are you still hoping to achieve?
  • Above all, are you ready to keep going or do you want to explore the option of choosing to stop?

Most women re-up for another week or month of breastfeeding during this conversation. Others choose to stop. If you are at a point where you would like to explore the option of choosing to stop breastfeeding during your program, you will have personalized guidance from Katie on how to do so in a way that is safe, realistic, and kind. And most importantly, you will continue to have access to feeding neutral ongoing care and community support.

Ongoing Care and Community Support

All Balanced Breastfeeding group programming is currently on our online Zoom platform. I will continue to invite mothers and babies into The Clubhouse one-on-one for private consultations only if I need to physically assess mother or baby, physically assist in latching, or weigh the baby. Otherwise, consults will be completed on our secure, HIPAA compliant virtual consultation platform. Groups and workshops will be held at The Clubhouse again in the future when safe.

See information regarding facility safety.

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