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Your Baby Will Change; Make Sure You Change, Too

Just when you think you have that kid figured out, she goes and changes it up on you. Frustrating! But she is a person, after all, and people change.

What new stage is your baby in? What new stage are you in? What may need to change in your breastfeeding relationship to help you enjoy it again?

Here’s an example:

Perhaps you have a 16-week-old baby. Up to this point, you have been perfectly happy feeding on demand. Sometimes your baby is eating and sometimes she is hanging out pacifying and that was just fine with you–until she started misbehaving on the boob. She likes to sit around and nurse, but frankly she finds it  a little boring staring at your same ol’ face every time she nurses, so she decides to look around while nursing…with the nipple still in her mouth. Ouch!

Babies tend to start being nosy, fidgety, pinchy, and bitey when they aren’t focused on eating. These annoying behaviors get worse and more painful as she gets older and stronger!

Now, I am going to guess you don’t enjoy her using your nipple as chewing gum. So, it may be time to make a change. Right? When things get annoying or they aren’t working anymore, change!

Your on-demand nurser now may get three strikes and she is OUT! When she yanks back with the nipple in her mouth, unlatch her and say, “Ow! That hurts mommy!” When she does it again, repeat. The third time, say, “All done with milk!” and give milk a five- to ten-minute time out. It may seem harsh, but if you don’t like to have your nipple stretched across the room, stop the behavior early. Your feelings do matter, too, after all.

There are lots of examples here when you may need to make a change:

  • You’re the only one who can put your baby to bed and you really want a night out with your husband or the girls
  • Your baby has started biting and finds it hilarious when you scream
  • You are ready to introduce complimentary solid foods
  • You want to start exercising again
  • You are getting ready to return to work
  • Your baby is getting too big for the nursing pillow
  • You aren’t getting enough sleep at night
  • You are ready to night wean
  • You are considering weaning completely

Are you a member of Marathon Moms? If you are a mama nursing a baby four months or older, you have big baby problems and YOU are a marathon mama.

If you can make the change now, do it. If you have no idea where to start or how to do it, we are here to help you figure it out.