Strategies to keep your baby fed, your milk supply strong, and your family balanced

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I approach breastfeeding with the humor, tough love, and compassion that you would get from a close friend (you know, the one who calls you out when you aren’t being your best self).

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Sleeping in newborn shifts

In the early postpartum months, especially the first two to six weeks, newborn babies are often incredibly resistant to laying down and sleeping on their own without being held by a person. Think of this as a really smart survival mechanism for humans.

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Words that Matter

Here is the glossary of terms I have adopted into our shared communication throughout Balanced Breastfeeding to help parents confidently name and embrace how they are feeding their babies.

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Realistic feeding goals

The first two weeks are the hardest weeks and the most important when learning how to comfortably and effectively establish your milk supply, learn to latch, and nourish the baby.

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Breastfeeding Feelings

You feel a lot of feelings when you are a new parent. You feel a lot more feels a lot more deeply. I think it has to do with the fact that your heart grew an entirely new section. It’s bigger, so it hurts more.

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Breastmilk Guidelines

Below are guidelines for the storage of milk for healthy, term babies. If you have a baby with special needs, please discuss this with your baby’s doctor in the intensive care until.

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