Strategies to keep your baby fed, your milk supply strong, and your family balanced

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I approach breastfeeding with the humor, tough love, and compassion that you would get from a close friend (you know, the one who calls you out when you aren’t being your best self).


Breastfeeding Support Partner

I highly recommend every lactating parent has a designated breastfeeding support person with them around the clock for the first two weeks. Oftentimes, the lactating parent doesn’t necessarily need the support person right with them as they nurse, but perhaps a shout or a text away.

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Man feeding newborn baby on lap with bottle

Responsive Bottle Feeding

How you bottle feed is more important than the bottle you use. You should notice a rhythm – suck, swallow, breathe. Pace them by either tilting or removing the nipple every 8-10 sucks.

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Woman breastfeeding lactation consulting

Know your boobs

When trying to determine the root cause of discomfort, first identify, “Is this breast pain, nipple pain, or both?”

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Woman using a breast pump during a lactation consulting appointment in Wilmington DE


Each unique milk supply requires a certain number of breast stimulations (nursing or pumping) per 24 hours to maintain a steady volume of output, often working on a 3-5 day lag from the stimulation message it receives.

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Newborn baby crying

Meet your newly born human

Your newborn baby doesn’t like or dislike things. They are simply responding to reflex and stimuli in order to survive. Settling down your baby means learning to calm their nervous system.

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The thing about lactating is that once you get it started you can almost never “just stop.” Stopping the biological process takes days or weeks. That realization can be really scary. It can feel like you are trapped. It is important for you to know that choosing to stop breastfeeding is always an option.

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