Strategies to keep your baby fed, your milk supply strong, and your family balanced

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I approach breastfeeding with the humor, tough love, and compassion that you would get from a close friend (you know, the one who calls you out when you aren’t being your best self).

Woman using breast pump

Pumping Techniques

Try out a variety of pumping techniques. Some or all of these techniques may help you pump more efficiently, comfortably, and/or with the least mental frustration.

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Woman breastfeeding baby

Breast Pain

Breast pain can be totally nothing or it can be a serious infection. Let’s figure out what’s going on with you.

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Breastfeeding Support Partner

I highly recommend every lactating parent has a designated breastfeeding support person with them around the clock for the first two weeks. Oftentimes, the lactating parent doesn’t necessarily need the support person right with them as they nurse, but perhaps a shout or a text away.

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